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Char-dham-yatra is India’s largest travel site that enables high spirited devotees to unleash their heartfelt devotion towards the almighty. We not only provide pilgrims with the wisdom to choose the best place to stay but also help them get the best of facilities during the Char Dham Yatra. Our expert tour planners help you chalk out the best possible accommodations and facilities in your budget. As a leading online travel company for Char dham yatra in India we are committed to our objective of designing “comfortable pilgrimage tours” for devotees across the world. Through our website, we endure to proffer a platform to travellers and devotees to fulfil their travelling aspirations. Since our inception, we have been working successfully at the ground level of creating happy devotional travellers and endeavour to do the same for years to come. Approved and certified by Uttarakhand Tourism Board, Government of Uttarakhand to serve you with blissful Chardham yatra experience, we also offer you a myriad of options depending on your budget. As pioneers of providing our customers with a wide range of delightful touring solutions we aim to make your vacationing experience divine and jovial both. What sets us apart from the crowd is our endurance to serve you with peaceful holidays and in doing so we leave no stone unturned. The experience of travelling to pilgrimages you get through us is second to none, and that is due to the satisfactory services we provide to travellers from across the globe. Our association with numerous hotels and lodges in the Char Dham circuit makes us the most opted trip planner for relaxing Char dham Yatra. Our specialized team is affluent of the fact that pilgrims on Chardham yatra face many hardships due to immoderate routes and severe weather changes, hence endeavour to cater them with accommodations that are comfortable and affordable both. We facilitate accommodations from normal to super luxurious rooms depending on your budget. Moreover as owners and managers of more than 15 hotels in the Chardham destinations, we can assure you of safe stays during the pious journey. Our excellent services are not limited to normal conditions; rather we are competent enough to handle natural and momentary emergencies, thanks to our ground-level contacts and associations. As the robust and reliable travel planners for Chardham yatra in India, our strengths include a large and dependable customer support that we have gathered through our satisfactory services and joyous yatra packages. Depending on affordability we offer to devotees a wide range of options to choose from, that can be customized as per their specific interests and choices. Chardham yatra is accomplished to attain salvation and we as a team at Char-dham-yatra work towards making this pious journey a blissful one. Being the most legendary pilgrimages done by the Hindus, the sacred Chardham yatra is an eternal source of divinity as well. The Char dham destinations are the most sorted holiday destinations that are not just picturesque but tranquil as well. Adventurous yet serene, pilgrims generally aspire to visit the places at least once in their lifetime, and we at Char-dham-yatra ensure that this once in a life trip becomes the most treasured one. According to the legends, the first Char Dham Yatra was accomplished by the Pandavas to wash off their sins of the Mahabharatha war. They firmly believed that the blissful destinations of Chardham; Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath held the ultimate truth of life and hence can proffer them salvation despite the devastating sins they committed in life. Later it was the great Shri Adi Shankaracharya who named these places to be the heavenly the Char Dham, meaning the Four abodes of the Almighty. Surrounded by captivating snow-capped mountains the Char Dham pilgrimages have since then been the eventual destinations for divine tranquillity and virtuous faith. The auspicious trip of Chardham yatra from Haridwar covers a trek to various destinations in Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath and can be very nerve-wracking. Apart from attaining the blessings of the supreme almighty, pilgrims also get the chance of enjoying the enthralling aesthetics of nature. The divine ambience amidst the snow-peaked Himalayas and lush-green meadows make this tour a worth cherishing one for life and we at Char-dham-yatra endeavour to add joy to this pious trip. Our packages and services make this sacred tour a memorable one. Our expert team is adept enough to understand the varying interest and expectations of different travellers hence works on providing tailor made services that fit in their specific interests. The customized touring services we offer are our speciality. Just let us know your budget, preferences and duration of trip, the rest we will handle. Depending on your specific preferences our team works out to provide special travelling solutions that are charted just for you. Our only motto is to make your spiritual journey to Char Dham a memorable one. At Chardham yatra we offer a complete package of services that include comfortable stays, relaxing enroute conveyances, well guided treks and joyous sight-seeing, and ensure that each part of the pious journey is better than the rest. We are also well aware of the immoderate conditions one might face during the pious journey, hence are always ready to provide help to you in the intemperate situations so that you do not have to face the tantrums of the emergent situation. We not only make sure that you get best deals and offers in Yatra packages but are also adamant on providing you with best services that befit your budget. Char Dham Yatra is a spiritual tour and is done to attain salvation. Admired since time immemorial the divine experiences these devotional destinations bestow to the devotees go beyond life. The sanctity of the numinous temples and the aesthetics of the tranquil ambience of the sacrosanct shrines make this tour a worth treasured one and with us at your service you are sure to experience an eternal trip. With us, all the facilities to the sacred Chardham yatra 2018 are available at the touch of click. Going on a trip as arduous as the holy pilgrimage of Chardham couldn’t be easier! So set yourself to unleash the blend of divinity and serenity.

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